"Hands" celebrates the curiosity of Honda engineers, which has led to the creation of ingenious technology over the last 65 years.

Honda began as a dream, with Soichiro Honda's love of machinery and challenging spirit he created his first motorised bicycle in 1948.

Honda is about making things happen and making things better. Significant investment in R&D over many years has resulted in innovative technology, like the first commercial hybrid vehicle, solar powered car, the world's first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that emits only water vapour, robots, fast lawn mowers and a Honda jet plane.

Did you know?

- Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959.
- We are also the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines, producing more than 14 million engines each year.
- In 1986, Honda became involved with robotics research and in 2000 released ASIMO the world's first advanced humanoid robot.
- We make Jets too. The HondaJet, now in production, is the quietest, most spacious and fuel efficient jet in it's class.
- Honda developed the world's first Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle back in 1999.
- In 2015 Honda will proudly return to Formula1 racing.