Fuel Economy Tips

Here are some helpful tips on driving your vehicle to reduce fuel consumption. Reducing fuel consumption means saving money- and more importantly, helping the environment.


Tyre pressure
Ensure the tyres are at the correct pressure and wheel alignment is correctly adjusted.

Vehicle load
Minimise unnecessary weight in the car – for example, don’t carry your golf clubs in the boot all week.

Take your foot off the accelerator just before the crest of the hill and use the momentum to take you over the top. This minimises the need to apply the brake to maintain the speed limit when descending the hill.

Gentle acceleration
Accelerate gently from stand still at traffic lights etc.

Drive smoothly
Look ahead to maintain appropriate distances and speeds to avoid heavy braking and acceleration. Use cruise control where safe to maintain a constant speed. Slow gently into corners if required then exit on a light throttle.

A constant 100km/h is better than drifting between 95km/h and 105 km/h. By travelling at 100km/h instead of 110km/h, you can shave around 13% off your fuel bill. Use cruise control to maintain a constant speed.


Start and go
Do not wait for engine to warm up.

Drive smoothly in traffic
Speeding up to the car in front and then applying the brakes wastes fuel.

Minimise full throttle over-taking manoeuvres. Passing lanes are the best way to over take.

Wind resistance
Drive with the windows and sunroof closed. Take off roof racks when you’re not using them to reduce drag.

Air conditioning
Use air conditioning only when absolutely necessary, as it can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%. Use the heater or blower rather than the air conditioning. Switch off other power-draining features, such as the rear-window demister, when they’re not needed.

Avoid short trips
Plan trips and the route used to minimise the km travelled. Combine several errands into one trip.

Change up
For a manual transmission, always travel in the highest gear possible. Use 5th or 6th gear on the motorway and change into top gear as soon as possible.