Hybrid Technology

How the Honda IMA system works

Let's have a look at how the Honda IMA system works for you. Click on the diagram below to see how it functions..

 The Honda IMA System:

The engine is the main power source. Honda believes that the engine plays an all-important role, even in combined petrol engine and electric motor powerplants. Honda’s lightweight and simple design features a parallel system in which the motor assists the engine as required.  

Motor-alone and cylinder-Idle modes provide improved fuel efficiency and increased driving pleasure.
The electric motor provides ample power to allow low-speed cruising under motor power alone. Moreover, the i-VTEC engine controls valve operation to permit deactivating of all four cylinders, for improved regenerative braking efficiency during deceleration.  

Slim and compact, the motor of the Honda IMA System is no larger than the flywheel of a conventional engine.
In a conventional car there is a flywheel between the engine and the transmission, serving to smooth out fluctuations in engine torque for smooth engine operation. The electric motor in the Honda Hybrid System is slim and compact enough to fit into the space usually taken up by the flywheel (the rotor in the electric motor serves as the flywheel.)  This is why the Honda IMA System fits in to existing vehicles as is.

For a demonstration of IMA operation, try the simulator below.

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