Employee Benefits And Our People

Our people help us to gain and build competitive advantage through their innovative spirits, ambition and youthfulness. 

Honda is comprised of individuals working together for a common purpose.  It is the contributions of each associate in our Company that create our successes.

Every associate is important; every associate is respected; every associate should be given the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential; every associate is expected to contribute to the company’s success; every associate is honoured for his or her efforts and contribution.

As a Honda associate you can expect to enjoy benefits such as subsidised health insurance, a competitive superannuation scheme, preferential banking packages, participation in Tree Planting Days and events such as the Auckland Rounds the Bays.

And our people stay! Because of our belief in the value of the individual, we believe that each person working in, or coming in touch with our company, directly or through our products, should share a sense of joy through that experience. Our goal is to provide Joy: for those who buy our products, sell our products and produce our products.

In that regard, our main concern is for people.