Honda Global

Honda is about making things happen and making things better. Significant investment in R&D over many years has resulted in innovative technology, like the first commercial hybrid vehicle, solar powered car, the world's first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that emits only water vapour, robots, fast lawn mowers and a Honda jet plane.

Honda engineers are constantly striving to imagine new technology that makes the world more advanced.



Honda began as a dream, with Soichiro Honda's love of machinery and challenging spirit he created his first motorised bicycle in 1948.

To read how this dream led to the creation of one of the largest car companies in the world, click here.

The first production HondaJet has taken to the skies, leading the field in personal and business flight. Click through to read about the Honda aeronautics division.

The world's best-loved robot played football with President Obama and has been the foundation for some of Honda's mobility technology, as well as innovations in robotics. To check out the latest with Asimo, click here.

Honda's latest fuel cell electric vehicle, the FCEV, is powered by Hydrogen and is 100% carbon-free, emitting only water. Honda has also developed Hydrogen refuelling stations that power the home as well as the car. To read more about our zero emission technologies click here.

Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, and has a solid history on the racing circuit. Click here to see what motorbikes are on offer in New Zealand.

Honda has announced its return to the F1 circuit in 2015, again teaming up with McLaren - a partnership that dominated Formula 1 in the early 90's with Prost and Senna. Check out the World Honda F1 page here.

Recycling programme

Honda's global goal is to achieve zero levels of landfill, and has implemented not only a material recycling programme to recycle all of the car components, but a thermal recycling programme which will be able to recycle paint coatings, sealers and wax.