Our Values

Here at Honda New Zealand, we celebrate our commitment to technology, the environment, and everyday New Zealanders.

Our local and global initiatives are all designed to increase the ease of mobility and advance technology that increases safety and protects the environment.

Honda Price Promise

Honda New Zealand first introduced the Honda Price Promise in 2000 as a way of maintaining equity, transparency, consistency and value for kiwis buying new Hondas. It’s a core philosophy that Honda remains committed to today – a promise to all new car buyers that they will get the same good price on a new Honda, no matter who they are, where they live and what time of the month they buy.

To read more about our Honda Price Promise please click here.

The Environment

Honda NZ is focussed on making our country a greener place to live. We achieve this through our ongoing research and development, ultra low emission vehicles, and extensive environmental sponsorship.

To read more about our work with the Treefund and the global and local environment, please click here.


Honda is a world leader in technology, and constantly strives to improve, re-think and revolutionise ideas and concepts. To delve into the high-tech elements that make our vehicles so advanced visit our New Car pages.


Honda puts more profit into research and development than any other manufacturer. This results in vehicles that are safer for you, your families and for pedestrians.

Have a look at our New Cars to find out more about our safety features.