At Honda, we are focused on making New Zealand a greener place to live.

We achieve this through our ongoing research and development, ultra low emission vehicles, and extensive environmental sponsorship.


Every time we sell a new Honda, the Honda Tree Fund grows. So far we have raised over 3,400,000, that has been used to fund tree planting across New Zealand. 

To read more about TreeFund and see our TreeFund gallery click here.

Blue Skies for Our Children

In the 1970s, Honda engineers took on the challenge to meet the stringent new emissions standards of the U.S Clean Air Act. They used the passionate rallying cry of "blue skies for our children" to spur them on to greater things.

Again, today, we are using this as our environmental mantra to help us go above and beyond.

Honda at Work

Honda’s global goal is to achieve zero levels of landfill, and has implemented not only a material recycling programme to recycle all of the car components, but a thermal recycling programme which will be able to recycle paint coatings, sealers and wax.