Steven McIvor reviews the Honda Accord V6NT

I’ve been driving my Honda Accord V6 NT for about 3 months now, to really get a feel for it, so I could give you an honest appraisal of it.

If you’d asked me a year ago that I would be driving a Honda Accord I would have said you were joking right? But something has definitely changed at Honda styling HQ and the word is “style”.

The latest model Honda Accord is very stylish and doesn’t look like a Honda at all! In fact a couple of weeks ago a mate of mine saw me get out of it and asked if I was I driving a German car. I quickly responded proudly that it was a Honda and he promptly came in for closer inspection and was blown away.

The new model Accord has attitude. It sits on the road like cat waiting to pounce on its prey, with bold headlights and snappy LED running lights that rake back to the shape of the car. And it’s a big car too.

I was quite surprised on first drive that when it came to parking I knew was driving something a little more substantial than a Civic. Thank goodness for the reversing camera (which has 3 different settings by the way) and the proximity warning beep.

And that brings me to what I like to call “the toys “ in the Honda. The NT in the title stands for navigation and technololgy. Let’s start with the Nav system. In one word, simple. Simple to operate on a beautifully big screen built into the dash which looks so much nicer than most European cars that have them poking above the dash. Operation to look for places and such, is a simple press of the menu button and away you go. That applies to the use of the phone, radio and any external devices that you hook into the system. There’s no difficult toggle to work your way through any part of the system. Simply hook in,hit menu and follow.


Honda have excelled in the tech stakes. The lane keep assists which works off the steering wheel by pushing one button is fantastic. Simply put, once in effect. it will stop the car from drifting into another lane, by pulling the car back into line using the camera mounted behind the rear vision mirror. Basically it’s auto pilot and it does work. Just like the active cruise control. Simplest cruise control I’ve ever used. Find your speed, set it by pushing one button on the steering wheel and you’re done. You can also set the follow distance as well. Same operation and you’ll be amazed at how intuitive the car is.

Now we get to my two favourite tech features which are so helpful! Built into the left wing mirror is a camera (lane watch camera), which when indicating left activates the main navigation screen and you can see if there’s anybody in the lane before you change. The better part of that for city driving, is by pressing a button on the end of the indicator stalk also activates the camera, which means when you’re stuck in traffic and can’t see the inside lane, you now can if you want to try and get out! Very cool.

My second favourite tech feature. Keyless entry. Simply touch the inside of the door handle (so long as you have your keys in your pocket) and the doors unlock. Brilliant when trying to avoid the rain. Ooh, can’t forget the push button start. Caters to my super car fantasy !!

I haven’t even told you how it drives. I’m driving the V6. It purrs baby purrs. It’s smooth and responsive. The car responds to its effective power and drives beautifully. It suits this driver who likes to cruise, cocooned in the leather appointed cabin and once in a while, give it a little bit of stick to get away from bothersome inconsiderate drivers.

I quite simply like this car a lot. The cabin layout is simple, attractive and non-complicated. Honda have built this for the driver and that’s what I love about it.

You have to try it... The Honda Accord V6 NT. I’m driving one you know what. It’s cool.