Customer Review

First Customer in New Zealand to Test Drive the New Civic, Takes Delivery

Roger Burn was the first customer in New Zealand to Test Drive a Civic, when he received his new Civic NT Turbo our Managing Director Nobuya Sonoda met with him to congratulate him on his purchase.

Roger Burn - Purchased a White Civic NT Turbo.

Handover Image for website 2What was your first Honda?
My first Honda was a Japanese import.  I had a silver Honda Prelude that was a spark plug job, and then I realised they weren’t quite fast enough so I got a fuel injected one, that was a white one.

The white one I took to Wellington one weekend – Our son had gone to work on the Saturday so we just left a note saying “Going to Wellington for the weekend, be back Sunday”.  We were just in the Prelude, zroom, winding right up the Coast...  And we had that for quite a while, it was a great car.

Then I went a brought a brand new 2.2L Accord, I think that was about a 1998, it was the first one to have a 2.2L motor in it, we brought that in Christchurch.  I had a blue Accord for a while as well before I brought my first Accord Euro, it was a white one, and it was beautiful. It had two things they don’t do now, walnut mahogany inside and it had full leather upholstery.  We lease, so every three years we have changed them over. I had to change the colour when I changed to the Accord Tourer, but it had a hell of a lot of extra options in it.

To be honest our garage isn’t that huge, so we’ve got a Jazz in there, and now we’ve got this (the Civic NT Turbo), it’s the closest thing to a Tourer.  That’s the history.

What made you decide to purchase the Civic?
It’s the logical replacement to the Accord Tourer, the Accord V6 isn’t really me, that’s luxury, I want to race a little bit.  I’m just a boy that’s my problem.

Now you’ve had the car for a few weeks what are your thoughts?
The Civic is fantastic we had a great tip to Cape Reinga with four adults in the car and our luggage.  I will admit to being a bit nervous going down from a Honda Accord to a Civic.  

In my opinion the Civic has more room than the Accord Euro inside and a lot more power.  I believe it is a great alternative for customers who have owned an Accord Euro in the past and want to stay with a Honda of similar size.  If they have a Civic and want to upgrade it is a no-brainer.
We have done 1500km in the car since we purchased it because I just can’t stop driving it.  It is without a doubt one of the best cars I have owned and very economical and great fun to drive.