Fuel Economy


Model Sub Model Fuel Consumption Rating Type Cost per year Stars Reference
Civic 6.4L/100km ADR $1,790 ★★★★½ 3626
Civic TURBO 6L/100km ADR $1,680 ★★★★ 3627

DISCLAIMER: The information shown is provided for comparative purposes. Your actual cost per year and fuel consumption will vary from that shown, depending on factors such as vehicle condition and any vehicle modifications, driving style, traffic conditions, distance travelled and fuel price variations. You should not expect to meet exactly what this label says. Visit www.fuelsaver.govt.nz to find out more about this label, and how to improve fuel economy.

2011(a) cost per year is based on price per litre of Petrol $2.00 and an average distance of 14,000 km