The Civic

The Civic built Honda’s global reputation and re-defined the standard when first launched in 1972. Totally re-engineered and re-designed, the new 10th generation Civic Range is set once more to challenge convention.

Civic Hatch Tile The new Civic 5-door Hatch epitomises our innovative spirit and quest for technical excellence.  With the highly responsive new turbo charged powertrain, the result is a car created with a unique personality and sporty soul, a car that is exciting to drive, refined, comfortable, sophisticated and offering increased versatility suited to the modern New Zealand lifestyle. A car without compromise. Above all, it’s a car built around one vital component. You.

Civic Sedan TileThe car that launched the 10th generation Civic, the Civic Sedan, won almost every motoring award in its class when first launched last year, as well as the overall North American Car of the year. Offering performance, luxury finishes, coupe-like design and the new responsive and fuel efficient turbo engine, the Civic is a stand out for all the right reasons.
Civic Type R TileThe new Type R says a lot about us.
It reflects our unique thinking, a desire for constant re-invention, re-evaluation, and relentless pursuit of better. Our passion for creating the perfect sports machine for the road and the track is imprinted into its DNA and drawn into every curve of its body. It’s a car that has been built for the sheer thrill of driving, a car built with soul, a car that speaks to you the way few others can. But, ultimately, actions speak louder than words.

Record breaking - On 3 April 2017, the all-new Honda Civic Type R set a new benchmark lap time for front-wheel drive cars at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. It lapped the world-famous circuit in 7 minutes 43.80 seconds, an improvement of nearly 7 seconds compared to the model’s predecessor.