Offering class leading space and great utility, our Hatch range is perfect for the modern lifestyle. Whether you are after a small hatch like the Jazz or the larger Civic hatch, there are plenty of options to choose from.

And for those who are after the ultimate driving performance, Honda's Hot Hatch, the award winning Civic Type R, delivers it all.

Why choose Honda?

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5 Year Warranty

Every new Honda comes with a transferable 5 Year Warranty, with unlimited kilometres. You'll also enjoy 5 Year Roadside Assistance, 24 hours a day, no matter where you travel in New Zealand. 

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Jazz-small but mighty

The all new Jazz is packed with all the features one doesn’t expect to get in a small car including a brand new 9" touchscreen infotainment system which offers wireless Apple CarPlay across the range*.

Class-leading space (very important in a small car), magic seats, reversing camera, parking sensors and great fuel economy are just a few more reasons to shop this small but mighty 5 door hatch. Now available in e:HEV electrified drivetrain.

*Wireless Apple CarPlay only available on compatible devices. Brown interior only available e:HEV Luxe in Meteoroid Grey Metallic.

Civic Hatch – Sporty Coupe

The 10th generation Civic Hatch has been re-engineered from the ground up to deliver a lean and lithe coupe-like vehicle. Classified as a 'small or compact car' it really delivers way above its class in terms of space, fuel efficiency, safety, interior quality and dynamic driving performance.

It has space to spare with ample passenger room for five adults and with a larger boot than you would expect from a compact hatchback.

The Hatch Sport Sensing and new 2020 RS Sport Sensing models add Honda's Advanced Sensing Safety technology suite, helping with driver's situational awareness, and in some cases intervening to avoid a collision or lessen its severity.

Civic Type R – Hot Hatch

The Civic Type R is an award-winning, record-breaking performance vehicle developed off the platform of the Civic Hatch. It features a high performance 2.0L DOHC VTEC turbo powertrain, and track tested performance components. 

But it also has the latest advanced Honda Sensing Advanced Safety technologies and allows the driver to choose the driving mode: Comfort, Sport, and +R. This way the driver can ensure the Type R is a smooth, cruisey ride when it needs to be, and exhiliratingly, screamingly crazy when it doesn’t.

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Compare models

With so many options to choose from, there’s sure to be a hatch that’s perfect for you. If you want a quick comparison between the various models: automatic or manual, engine size, fuel consumption or a full comparison of specs, this is a useful tool to use. 

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Frequently asked questions (hatch)

Which hatch has Honda Magic Seats?

The Magic Seat system was developed for the Jazz. A testimony to the very best in ingenious design, once you have experienced Honda’s innovative rear seating, it is impossible to go back to seats that only fold one way. The rear seats don't merely fold down, they can flip up as well, resulting in 18 possible configurations for transporting almost anything from surfboards to small trees. 

Do Honda Hatchbacks have 5 doors?

Yes they do - the hatchback is considered to be the 5th door.

Which Civic hatch has a turbo engine?

The new Earth Dreams 1.5L turbo engine is available on the Civic Hatch Sport Sensing. The Civic Type R is of course another beast altogether with its 2.0L VTEC turbo.

Which hatch has leather seats?

The Civic Hatch Sport Sensing has leather seats whereas the Civic Type R is available in a red and black suede.

Is the Type R available in New Zealand

As you can imagine, car enthusiasts around the world had been waiting for years for the arrival of this new generation Type R. When it was finally launched and not only met, but far exceeded expectations – demand sky-rocketed. We do have some stock in New Zealand but it is limited and there may be a wait time on particular colours.