HR-V Mugen

The HR-V Mugen is a vehicle for those who want to stand out!

For only an additional $7,000 you can create a truly unique look with the addition of a Mugen Sports Front, Side and Rear Skirt, Mugen Aero Grille, Mugen Lower Wing Spoiler, Mugen Badge and either Mugen 17” or 18” Alloys.


HR V Sport Mugen BrilliantSportyBlue cropped

HR-V Mugen

Adds to the HR-V Sport or AWD:

• Mugen Sports Front Skirt
• Mugen Sports Side Skirt
• Mugen Sports Rear Skirt
• Mugen Aero Grille
• Mugen Lower Wing Spoiler
• Mugen Badge
• Mugen 17” XJ Black Metal Coat Alloys (AWD)
• Mugen 18” MDW Alloys (Sport)


Add $7,000 to the HR-V Sport or AWD model price


Optional Extras

• Mugen Titanium Sports Silencer
• Mugen Floor Mats
(Additional costs apply)


18" MDW Alloys on the HR-V Sport shown