Magic Seats
Honda's Magic seats are a testimony to the very best in ingenious design. The back seats don't merely fold down, they can flip up as well, resulting in 18 possible configurations for transporting almost anything for the ultimate in versatility and class leading space.

These are just the obvious combinations. Need to transport two bikes and a baby seat? Easy. How about two sets of golf clubs, three pieces of luggage and three passengers? No Problem.

The Magic Seat system will change car interior space as you know it.


Long Mode

A surfer’s dream. The passenger seat folds down to fit in objects up to 2.4m in length. An incredible innovation, creating even more freedom.

HR V magic seats lrg3

Utility Mode

The simplest configuration - where the back seats fold down like a regular hatch. But Honda’s engineers solved a little problem here as well – the seats fold completely flat, so you can slide in a chest of drawers without it snagging on the seats. It creates a maximum 1.8m long flat floor.

HR V magic seats lrg2

Tall Mode

Tall Mode is the first of the really astounding innovations. The back seats cleverly flip to give you the full advantage of the height of the car from the floor to the ceiling. That’s over 1.2m of height and a whole lot of options.

HR V magic seats lrg

Refresh Mode

For an even more spacious layout. After removing the head rests and moving the front seats forward, the back seat can be tilted down to form a bed like layout offering a comfy position to relax and refresh