Interior Space

Like the space, love the flexibility and enjoy the view.

The HR-V creates an incredible sense of freedom with increased visibility, spaciousness and plenty of head and legroom for five.

With the rear seats folded down it creates a flat floor for easy loading, and it opens up a massive 1,462 litres of cargo space to the roof line.

It’s a space that’s adaptable and flexible too, thanks to Honda’s unique Magic Seats, offering 18 different seat-folding configurations which are quick and easy to do.

So whether you need a flat floor, a 60:40 seat split, a tall space or just need to get your beautiful new bike on board, you can go from parked to packed in seconds.

The HR-V's Multi-Angle Reversing Camera with Dynamic Park Aid increases your visibility even further and takes the stress out of reversing.

Experience it for yourself, enjoy the space and freedom in the new Honda HR-V.

HR V Space Image 978x350

HR-V SPORT - Panoramic Sky Roof

HR V Space Image 978x400

The HR-V SPORT models feature a stunning Panoramic Sky Roof giving an amazing sense of space, freedom and visibility.

The Sky Roof has a one touch function so the driver or front passenger need only press the ceiling mounted switch once and the Sky Roof will open or close automatically.  If the operator wishes to only partially open or close the Sky Roof for added ventilation, a lighter touch yields full manual control.

The one touch control allows the front section to open or tilt, and the integrated sliding sunshade opens automatically with the roof and can be closed manually to block excessive sunlight or heat in summer.

An auto reverse mechanism is built in, helping to ensure that the Sky Roof will not fully close if it encounters sufficient resistance from an obstruction, such as someone’s hand or arm. If sufficient resistance is detected the auto reverse will re-open the Sky Roof automatically.

Magic Seat System

Honda HR V MagicSeats 1 Honda HR V MagicSeats 2 Honda HR V MagicSeats 3
Tall Mode Utility Mode Long Mode

Honda's Magic seats are an ingenious design. Once you have experienced Honda’s innovative rear seating, it is impossible to return to back seats that only fold one way.

The back seats don't merely fold down, they can flip up as well, resulting in 18 possible configurations for transporting almost anything.

Tall Mode is the first of the really astounding innovations. The back seats cleverly flip to give you the full advantage of the height of the car from the floor to the ceiling. That’s over 1.2m of height and a whole lot of options.

Utility Mode is the simplest configuration - where the back seats fold down like a regular hatch. But Honda’s engineers solved a little problem here as well – the seats fold completely flat, so you can slide in a chest of drawers without it snagging on the seats.

Long Mode is a surfer’s dream. The passenger seat folds down to fit in objects up to 2.4m in length. An incredible innovation, creating even more freedom.

These are just the obvious combinations. Need to transport two bikes and a baby seat? Easy. How about two sets of golf clubs, three pieces of luggage and three passengers? No Problem.

The Magic Seat system will change car interior space as you know it.