Jazz Black Edition

The award-winning Jazz now offers you a unique Black Edition, available on any Jazz model and colour in the range.

So now, along with Reversing Camera, Touchscreen, Bluetooth, Magic Seats, a 5 year Warranty and more, you also get the chance to show your true colours. Go Black!

For only an additional $850 you can create a unique look with Tinted Windows, Black Painted Wing Mirrors, Black Painted Alloy Wheels and Black Edition Side Badges. If you want to go further you can add optional extras like the striking Black Side Stripes or a Black Painted Rear Spoiler on the RS models.

Choose the your Jazz model and body colour that's right for you and then Go Black!

RS BlackEdition Silver Side

Jazz Black Edition

Adds to any Jazz model:

Tinted Windows
Black Painted Wing Mirrors
Black Painted Wheels
Black Edition Badges

Add $850 to the Jazz model price


Optional Extras

Black Painted Spoiler    $175
Black Side Stripes        $130


RSMugen BlackEdition Orange 34Front Jazz S BlackEdition VividBlue

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