Odyssey L Sensing - Leather 7 Seater with Captain's Seats

The vast interior of the Odyssey is loaded with the latest technology. All three rows are beautifully trimmed with leather and each seat individually reclines for maximum comfort. The 2nd row Captain's seats provide the ultimate in luxury travel with generous leg room, adjustable ottomans and armrests. The 3rd row is wider than ever before, and with 3 individual headrests provides comfort all around.

Odyssey 2014 Interior VTi L RGB 987x432

Odyssey L Interior Front Seating 320x206


Odyssey L Interior Centre Seating 320x206

  Odyssey L Interior Rear Seating 320x206

Odyssey S -  8 Seater with 2 - 3 - 3 

The Odyssey is available in an 8 seater configuration, offering space for everyone to travel in comfort with ample room provided for 8 adults.  Versatility is greater than ever with 2, 5 and 8 seater modes creating cargo carrying abilities for even the largest objects. Style is not compromised with sleek, contemporary and durable fabric seating.

S Interior 8 Seater 978x323


The Odyssey has an innovative seating system, with seven or eight seats that can be folded in many different configurations to give considerable interior luggage space. Press play below to see a demonstration of the 7 Seater Odyssey L. Both seven and eight seater models of the Odyssey share the same wider than ever before 3rd row setup


 *Note overseas seating material and 2nd row cushions shown above.