Honda EasyOwn - Terms and Conditions

EasyOwn is available on new Honda HR-V and CR-V, weekly figures are based off a 20% deposit, 48-month term, 6.67% interest rate per annum, a 45,000-kilometre allowance and 40% final balloon payment.

Honda EasyOwn offers a Guaranteed Buy Back Price at the end of your finance term that is determined by agreeing upfront the kilometres to be travelled throughout the term and is dependent on your vehicle meeting fair wear and tear guidelines and travelling within the agreed kilometres.

At the end of your finance term, if you have met the Guaranteed Buy Back criteria outlined in the agreement you can choose to:

OWN your vehicle - Own your vehicle at the end of the term by making the agreed final payment or refinancing.

TRADE your vehicle - Trade your vehicle in on a new Honda. If the trade-in valuation is higher than the final payment, the balance is yours to use towards your next new Honda. If the trade in value is lower you need not worry. Your future value has already been guaranteed. 

RETURN your vehicle - Return the vehicle to your Honda Dealership and provided it meets the agreed Guaranteed Buy Back criteria, you have no further liability.    


Finance is arranged through Honda Financial Services.  Repayments are based on 208 weekly payments (48-month term) 20% deposit, fixed interest rate of 6.67%, an establishment fee of $419, PPSR fee of $10.34 and monthly account fee of $4. Payments include on-road costs. Payments can be made monthly or weekly.  Weekly rate is calculated by taking the monthly rate multiplying by 12 and dividing by 52. Honda Financial Services lending criteria apply. Prices are subject to change, please check with your Honda Agent to confirm. Vehicle price does not include any future levies introduced after the effective date.  The total amount payable is $30,506.80 for HR-V S The total amount payable is $34,307.42 for CR-V S The total amount payable is $40,386.24 for CR-V Limited 7


Honda EasyOwn is available with this promotion only; on selected new car finance agreements signed from the 1st June 2019.  Vehicles included in this offer are any new Honda HR-V and CR-V. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.