How does the new HR-V compare to my old beloved CR-V?

Old vs new

It's decision time. Our very old but very trusty CR-V is about to find a new home, and my husband and I have been looking for a replacement vehicle that wasn't too big given that I do all the driving in our family (I am a small person). Lucky for me, I was lent the new HR-V RS for the weekend to help me make my decision. We had an action packed weekend planned in Auckland and certainly put the car to the test...

The speed limit control alarm is a superb idea as I’ve never had it before and I found it most useful when driving around schools on the way home (because one forgets how slow 40km/h is). I clearly drive faster than the speed limit a lot of the time. The heated leather seats were luxurious, supporting and very comfortable and the smaller steering wheel felt very sporty.

Aly alone

We took friends down to the marina for dinner. They found the back seat very spacious with lots of legroom. Parking was easy with the guidance system and the car phone was a treat. The traffic camera on the left-hand side is invaluable - and being cyclists, both husband and I approve. Anything that makes the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians is a good thing, but it gives short drivers like me, who have plenty of blind spots, great reassurance.

We then drove it to the Howick market on Saturday and had brunch at The Apothecary then over to Pine Harbour for afternoon tea. The coffee cup holder and storage between the seats came in handy (especially for husband's hat, wallet, sunglasses and all the other paraphernalia he carries).  He said he felt secure in the passenger seat and it was very spacious. (I noticed he wasn’t hanging onto the handrail nearly as much in the HR-V as he does in our elderly CR-V)  He also liked the boot cover which allowed us to leave things in the boot but hidden from sight, and the wide opening door which gives easy access to shopping and our boat gear, which is often stored in large containers. The old CR-V door is in 2 sections which didn’t work as well. Having light issues with his eyes, husband really enjoyed the dark interior and we both found the tinted windows greatly reduced the glare.

We also put our bikes in the back and bought some bags of compost and a few garden goodies that fitted in easily and transported well because the lip of the boot is deeper than my CR-V and secured the merchandise.

I loved the car. It is beautifully quiet to drive and very smooth on the road. We (husband likes to read the instruction manuals from cover to cover) were impressed by a lot of the electronic features which are new to us as our cars are old!  I also loved the bright orange colour. The main reason for this is that it can be seen better when it is raining and found in parking garages. I have never liked grey cars for this reason, yet always ended up with them. I told husband that my next car would be red but this colour is much more impressive.

To be honest decision time was easy. My much-loved but elderly CR-V has now found a new home with my much loved but elderly father and I am zooming around town in a brand new, bright orange HR-V.