HR-V goes glamping

I was lucky enough to get the use of the new Honda HR-V for the weekend. Well Sunday and Monday really because my partner is a chef and their hours work a little differently. We had decided to go to Raglan to do some surfing and found this really interesting looking glamping set-up which looked to offer just the right amount of ‘chill’ we were after.

So, let me say upfront I’m in love with the colour of the HR-V RS. The bright poppy orange with edgy black details – wheels and grillle bits around the front (I’m sure there is a technical name for these). In the sun it just glows, and driving it I definitely had a few ‘look at me’ moments.

Surf shots

When I got into the car for the first time, along with the delicious smell of new car and the feel of the leather seats, I was amazed at how big it seemed inside. I actually had to get out and look at it from the outside again. A neat trick Honda have pulled – a car that is much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. This means it’s as easy to park as a small car and has reversing camera and warning sensors to avoid those pesky parking pillars. Plus I am relatively short, so I loved being seated higher up than in a regular car.

It was perfect for zipping around town on Saturday, buying supplies for the trip (he’s a chef what can I say – there’s never a one-stop supermarket shop on his list). Sunday morning we were up bright and early, packed the car (loads of room) and put the surfboards on top – too easy. Then came the ‘discussion’ of who would drive – he won the trip to Raglan which meant I got the return trip. We organised some great sounds using the touchscreen unit (such a step-up from my old car with its elderly CD player) and used the navigation system to get to Raglan without an argument as neither of us had been before. Chef loved driving the HR-V, said it had plenty of go and responsiveness and he did not feel constricted in any way, being tall.

We did the tiki tour around Raglan, checking out the surf spots. Popped the surfboards inside the car too (they fit inside people!!!) when we went to the local wharf restaurant for some fish and chips. And we had quite a few locals checking out our ride.

Raglan was epic, surf was up, the glamping spot perfect, I had bought all the right cheeses and charcuterie and life was as it should be. Relaxing round the fire with a glass of cold white wine, delicious food, and smores provided by our awesome hosts, I pretended for a while that in a perfect universe, the HR-V would also be mine.

PS: We also did some town driving, including a trip to the Takapuna markets to get French crepes, Auckland to Raglan and back, and still had half-a tank of petrol left.