Application Forms and Documents

Get started on your Lease or Finance application, or find out more about our consumer credit and insurance products, finance rates, fees and charges below.

Start your Application Process Today

Start your Application Process Today

Once you have chosen the Honda you want and decided on the Lease or Finance terms that suit you, getting into your new Honda can be easy.

How do I start?

1.  Choose your Lease or Finance terms via our online quote calculator.

2.  Download and complete our Application Form - see below.

3. Email your Application Form and the copy of your online quote to our Honda Financial Services team and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

If applications are made over the weekend, please allow 48 hours from Monday 7am.

Application and Direct Debit Forms

If you are just getting started completing an application form and send this along with your online quote can get the process started quickly. 

Direct Debit forms need to be completed once you have been approved with one of our Financial partners or for those who are updating your payment infomation.

Personal Application Form

Business Application Form

Direct Debit Form - MTF Finance

Direct Debit Form - UDC Finance

Note: It you are unsure which Direct Debit Forms are appropriate please contact us to find out your finance provider - 0800 2 HONDA or email us.

Consumer credit and insurance products, our finance rates, fees and charges

This section provides you with all the information you need on our consumer credit and insurance products, our finance rates, fees and charges.

Information on interest rates, how interest is charged, and on credit and default fees:

MTF cost of borrowing and standard terms

UDC cost of borrowing and standard terms

Contract terms and conditions:

Credit related insurance code

Responsible lending guidelines

Agents owned by Honda New Zealand:

Honda Store Newmarket
Honda Store East Auckland
Honda Store North Shore
Honda Store Manawatu
Honda Store Wellington
Honda Store Christchurch
Honda Store Nelson
Honda Store Dunedin

There are other Honda Stores located from Kaitaia to Invercargill. For information regarding consumer finance and sample Credit Sale Agreements please visit the website of the independent agent serving you. Should the independent agent not have a web site, terms and conditions will be available in hard copy at the Agency.

The links on this page provide example Credit Sale Agreements and other important information regarding terms and conditions for consumer finance originated by Honda Agents owned and operated by Honda New Zealand Limited. 

Standard Finance Terms & Conditions

Standard Finance Terms & Conditions

You will need to meet the Honda Financial Services lending criteria, (fees and approval apply). Your vehicle will be financed through MTF or UDC, and the standard interest rate of 9.95% per annum applies. The maximum term is 60 months and fees are as follows.

Establishment Fee: $296
PPSR Fee: $10.34
Monthly Admin Fee: $4.50
Payments include on-road costs (ORC)

*Honda Financial Services may run special promotions from time to time that may vary from the standard rates above.