The Joy of Moving You, Is What Moves Us

Founded in 1948, Honda is the most versatile automotive manufacturer in the world.  It employs 140,000 people globally to make products which range from power and marine engines, motorbikes, cars and SUVs, to jets, solar-powered home energy stations, humanoid robots and mobility devices which help people to learn to walk again.

Honda began not as a business, but as a dream. Over 70 years ago, Soichiro Honda imagined a way to make people’s lives better by creating an affordable means of transport. With his love of machinery and challenging spirit, he created his first motorised bicycle. From this small beginning Honda has grown to become the world’s largest engine manufacturer, producing more than 20 million internal combustion engines annually.

Honda’s significant investment in R&D has over many years seen Honda create an array of revolutionary new technology. The first VTEC engine, the first commercial hybrid vehicle, the Honda FCX Clarity – a hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle that emits only water vapour, ASIMO – the first humanoid robot, the Honda Jet and Walking Assist Device, a computerised leg harness which assists people who have difficulty walking. As a percentage of revenue, no other automaker earmarks more money for R&D than Honda - in one year alone Honda spent over 7.2 billion NZD on research & development.

But Honda’s research capacity and commitment to a better ‘moving’ experience for drivers, passengers and pedestrians doesn’t stop here. Honda opened two of the world’s most advanced omni-directional safety research facilities in order to conduct an unprecedented variety of crash tests. It was the first automotive company to develop the lane departure warning, active cruise control and collision mitigation technologies.

In 1966 Soichiro Honda challenged his engineers to “Leave blue skies for our children”. The result would see Honda create some of the world’s most fuel efficient and emission-lowering engines. In 1972 Honda developed the first engine to meet and exceed the world’s first stringent Clean Air Act. Honda then openly shared this technology with other car companies to leave a better world for generations to come. 

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Honda is a company that builds more than everyday passenger cars. Robots, lawnmowers, solar-powered energy stations, marine engines, ATVs, supercars, motorbikes, assisted walking devices and jets are just a few of the products that this powerhouse of innovation is working on at any one time.

Blue Wing Honda is the official importer and distributor of Honda motorcycles, accessories and parts in New Zealand. Products include everything from ATVs and farm bikes, to sport, touring and adventures bikes, amongst others. For more information on Blue Wing Honda, click here.

Almost 50 years ago, when other companies were dabbling in various forms of futureless two-stroke technology, Honda adopted the policy of manufacturing only four-stroke outboard engines. Today Honda’s four-stroke marine engines lead the world in performance, reliability, fuel-efficiency and environmental responsibility.

As the world’s largest engine manufacturer, with its engines forged and tested on racetracks and roads around the globe, Honda has been tireless in applying advanced thinking to its marine engines and challenging the rest of the industry to keep up. For more information on Honda marine engines, click here.