American Honda Is 'Greenest' For Fifth Consecutive Year

American Honda has been awarded the coveted title of ‘Greenest Automaker’ from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) for the fifth consecutive year, marking a decade of environmental leadership.

Honda was ranked on its real-world environmental performance, based on an average per-mile smog pollution and global warming emissions of its entire fleet of vehicles.

The study assessed eight manufacturers that sold 92 per cent of vehicles in the U.S. during 2008.

UCS scored the top eight manufacturers against the industry average of the eight combined. Smog and global warming scored equally to determine the overall score. The score of 100 indicated the average of the eight manufacturers, where lower scores indicate greener performance.

Honda scored 86 and was 14 per cent cleaner than the other car manufactures combined.

Honda is committed to developing technologies that address the environmental impact of its products, as well as reducing emissions and researching innovation in energy sustainability.

The introduction of new hybrid vehicles, including the Insight and CR-Z to the U.S market, is an important step in advancing technology to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions. The hydrogen-powered Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle, currently leased in the U.S and Japan, is the world’s most advanced vehicle with zero exhaust emissions and has fuel efficiency three times that of a comparable petrol-powered vehicle. 

Earlier this year, Honda Motor President and CEO, Mr. Takanobu Ito, announced the company will introduce a plug-in hybrid to the U.S market by 2012, further enhancing Honda’s low emission philosophy.

The UCS is the leading U.S. science-based not for profit organisation working for a healthy environment and a safer world.