Awards Continue For Honda's CR-Z

Honda has received a wealth of Good Design Awards for its products, including the current Japanese Car of the Year, the Honda CR-Z, which was awarded a Good Design Award Best 15.

The CR-Z, chosen for its originality, will be presented to the public at the Grand Award selection event on 10th November.

Good Design Awards prove that design leads to new answers in a variety of domains of human activity and also offers indicators of tomorrow's lifestyle to the public, industry and society overall.

The judges described the uncompromising pursuit of aerodynamics of the roof and the flow from the front to the side and quarter panels of the CR-Z as a beautifully finished design which could redefine the benchmark to determine 'the attraction of cars'. On this basis, the car was honoured with the Best 15 Good Design Award.

This marks the 5th consecutive year that a Honda product has received the Good Design Award Best 15; previous winning products include the Monpal ML200 four-wheel scooter, the HondaJet, the FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle and the Insight hybrid car.

The Good Design Grand Award will be selected from the Best 15 on November 10th and will be presented to the winner by the Japanese Prime Minister, Kan Naoto.

This year, Honda has also received Good Design Awards for the following products:

    * VFR1200F - Sports touring motorcycle
    * VT1300CX - Cruiser motorcycle
    * PCX - Trendy mid-sized scooter


    * STEPWGN/STEPWGN SPADA - MPV for Japan market

Power Products

    * Enepo EU9iGB - Stylish portable power generator

As further testament to the timeless design of Honda products, the four-stroke outboard engine has received a Good Design Long Life Design Award. This is the 3rd consecutive year a Honda product has received this award. The Good Long Life Design Award is given to products that have been either manufactured or sold where the basic fundamentals of the design have remained unchanged for more than ten years, proving they have timeless and unique qualities.

About Good Design Awards
The Good Design Awards is a comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organised by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organisation (JIDPO). Good Design Awards have been given to outstanding designs for more than 50 years and to this date, approximately 35,000 products have received awards.

The most distinguished designs are selected from those submitted for consideration for the Good Design Awards. JIDPO receives approximately 3,000 submissions from more than 1,000 companies and designers every year. These designs are screened by about 70 design experts, who select and recommend those designs worthy of awards. The Good Design Awards is a system that aims to channel the eminent powers of distinctive designs to build prosperous lives and encourage sound industrial development. It is a campaign to brighten and enrich society through design.

Design is essential to improving the lives of every individual in the twenty-first century. Today's Good Design Awards proves that design leads to new answers in a variety of domains of human activity, and also offers signposts for tomorrow's lifestyle to the public, industry and society overall.