Honda Jazz Recall - Drivers Window Switch

Honda has announced a recall that affects the Honda Jazz.
The vehicles affected are 2002-2003 and 2006-2008 year models, NZ New cars only.
2004-2005 and Honda Fit Used Imports are NOT affected as a different supplier was used for the component.

All customers that are affected will be contacted by letter by Honda New Zealand shortly when parts are available.

The recall affects the drivers door power window switch unit.
In the event that a large and sustained amount of liquid is applied to the switch, some water may be able to make its way into the circuit board which may result in a heat build up causing melting of the circuit board casing and a build up of smoke inside the car, or in the most severe case, combustion in that area.

Out of the total of 2.3 Million cars produced since 2002, there has been a total of 19 units with melting and 3 of combustion.
The recall will result in inspection of the unit and replacement if liquid damage exists. In all cases a deflection skirt will be fitted to channel any excess water away from the unit.

2009 year model Jazz onwards are not affected (sold late in 2008).

We recommend that until your vehicle is updated you do not allow substantial amounts of water to be applied to the electrics of the window switch. If you experience melting or smoke in the unit please park your vehicle and call Honda on 0800 246632 for assistance.

Click Here to check if your vehicle is affected.