Product Recall for Honda 2009-2010 Jazz Sport and City

Honda has announced a recall of approximately 1200 Jazz Sport(1.5l only) and City 1.5l models for 2009 / 2010 year models. 

Today (Thursday 17 February), Honda New Zealand has initiated sending a notification letter to owners of NZ-new 2009-2010 year model Jazz and City customers advising of this recall in a Lost Motion Spring in the rocker area.  It is estimated that approximately 1,200 Jazz and City vehicles are affected in New Zealand.  This recall also affects Honda Fit 1.5l models and Honda New Zealand will be working in conjunction with New Zealand Transport Agency’s to identify and contact owners of affected Japanese imported Jazz vehicles built in the same period.

This recall relates to a potential fault with small springs in the engine valve control gear. In the unlikely event that the fault occurs, an abnormal noise will be generated, or in extreme cases the value rocker gear may be damaged causing the engine to stall and not restart. Should this failure occur, customers are advised to please contact Honda on 0800 246 632 (0800 2Honda) for assistance.  There has been one such event in New Zealand, which has caused minor inconvenience for a customer.

Rectification involves the replacement of 4 springs. Honda is conducting this rectification free of charge in affected vehicles when parts are available.

“Honda New Zealand would like to assure all Kiwi drivers that Honda is committed to ensuring the highest levels of on-going safety for customers, and this has resulted in the recall. We are immediately initiating contacting customers and affecting the required rectification as soon as components are available.  If any customers have concerns we encourage them to contact Honda on the free-phone number 0800 246632,” says Graeme Seymour, Honda New Zealand’s Managing Director.

“Unlike recalls for other products, motor vehicles are a registered product which enables the auto industry to contact vehicle owners directly through comprehensive databases or utilise the NZ Transport Agency’s vehicle licensing database.” he explains.