Car company clears the air

Smog filled air is foreign to most Kiwis who have grown up with blue skies in ‘The land of the long white cloud’. What many don’t realise is that our environmental position is more serendipity than design.

Boasting the world’s greatest biodiversity loss in the past 100 years, New Zealand’s varied wildlife is fast dwindling. Plus, with one of the oldest and dirtiest fleets in the world averaging almost thirteen years, contributing to 400 deaths per year from vehicle related air pollution, our clear skies are testament more to a skinny country and plenty of wind. Marketing ourselves as 100% Pure, this adds up to a situation that needs to be addressed, quickly.

More needs to be done both in New Zealand and globally to reverse the effects that we, as humans have on the planet.

One company that recognises this more than most is Honda.

In line with a long standing environmental vision, Honda has recently launching the Honda Environmental Annual Report with the philosophy ‘Blue Skies For Our Children’ Honda Worldwide knows manufacturers have a significant role in reducing the impact that vehicles have on the environment.

R&D is an important part of the puzzle and Honda have recently committed to reducing carbon emissions by 30% from 2000 levels by 2020 by producing lower emission vehicles. But the focus doesn’t end there, Honda recognises that environmental issues occur at two levels, internationally and locally, taking both types of issues very seriously.

Locally, improvements in carbon emissions through product innovation only paint part of the picture for Honda New Zealand. In an effort to reduce biodiversity loss, Honda TreeFund has funded over 460,000 native trees nationwide since 2004.