Honda Reveals All-New ASIMO Humanoid Robot

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has further cemented its position as a world leader in advanced robotics, with the unveiling of an all-new ASIMO humanoid robot. The latest ASIMO is equipped with the world's first* autonomous behaviour control technology, making it the most advanced humanoid robot ever.

With this further development in autonomy, the all-new ASIMO can now continue moving independently without being operator-controlled.  Its significantly improved intelligence and physical ability to adapt to situations, means ASIMO has taken another step closer to practical use in an office or public space.

All-new ASIMO stands at 130cm, enabling good eye contact with those sitting down, and weighs 48kg. It can walk, run, run backward, hop on one leg or on two legs continuously. Its advanced intelligence capability means it can even respond to the movements of others to avoid potential collisions. Face and voice recognition has also been incorporated and ASIMO can recognise the voices of multiple people speaking simultaneously. ASIMO can even pick up a glass bottle and unscrew the cap as well as make sign language expressions.

ASIMO is the culmination of decades of humanoid robotics research by Honda engineers, who embarked on their ambitious plans in 1986, with a dream of creating a walking robot. Years of research and several prototypes later, the original ASIMO was unveiled in 2000. Driven to create the ultimate humanoid robot, Honda engineers have worked continuously behind the scenes to improve their design with the introduction of an improved ASIMO in 2005 and now the latest all-new ASIMO.

With a long-standing programme of research and development in robotics and human mobility, Honda’s goal is to develop a robot that will help people in their everyday lives and potentially assist those with mobility issues. Ultimately, the leading edge technologies developed for ASIMO will provide a springboard for new Honda products and so shape the future of human mobility.

Honda New Zealand welcomes the new ASIMO, which Managing Director, Graeme Seymour sees as an opportunity to celebrate the great strides Honda has made in robotic innovation.  

“With its autonomous behaviour control technology, the latest all-new ASIMO is a triumph for Honda in the domain of robotic development. It opens up immense possibilities for future use and applications in all walks of life,” says Graeme.

“The unveiling of the all-new ASIMO is also timely, given that we’ve just celebrated the eleventh birthday of the original ASIMO, which upon its debut eleven years ago was also heralded as a pioneering breakthrough in robotics. It’s an amazing achievement for Honda to still be leading the way in technological advancement,” adds Graeme.

Honda has also announced a collective name, Honda Robotics, which will represent all of its robotics technologies and product applications created through its research and development of humanoid robots. While continuing the research and development of humanoid robots, Honda will also focus on applying robotics technologies to mass-produced products and putting product applications into practical use.

Based on this concept of Honda Robotics, Honda also introduced an experimental model of a task-performing robot arm that was developed while applying multi-joint simultaneous orbit control and posture control technologies amassed through the research and development of ASIMO.

This robot arm can be remotely controlled to perform tasks in unstable places which are difficult for people to access.


Honda internal research (as of November 8, 2011)