Local Celebs Fight for Eco Driving Title

The Honda Weekend Insight Challenge is revving up the competition between some well-known Kiwis.

Popular bloggers, journalists and a fashion designer are battling it out to see who will achieve the lowest fuel consumption over a weekend of driving.

The benchmark for fuel economy was set when the Honda Insight won the supreme prize in the AA Energywise Rally in 2010.

The Insight won the title by driving the 1,780km of the rally on only $147.83 petrol- which translates into 4.6 litres per 100km. This is the figure to beat, and competitive New Zealanders everywhere are excited to step up to the challenge.

Laurie Foon, the Wellington designer behind the popular Starfish clothing label, used the Honda Insight when in Auckland for New Zealand Fashion Week.

“We’ve shipped 500 goodie bags through in the Insight this week, and about 100 garments to and from to different locations… the Insight’s done us really well, and we are all really happy with it.

“Apart from really feeling like we were looking good, we were worried about the space, but we’ve had lights, suitcases, you name it in that Insight, so we are really thrilled with that.”

Despite many short trips, and her driving style being filled with “anguish” due to the pressures of Fashion Week, Laurie still achieved a commendable fuel rating of 6.1 l/100km around town.

Stuff’s video Journalist Hamish Coleman-Ross is taking the Insight for a spin this weekend, travelling up and down the country visiting towns that are preparing for the Rugby World Cup. He plans on transforming the car into a mobile office.

Google Apps Specialist Mike Riversdale is currently at the top of the leaderboard with a score of 5.5l/100km. Marketing guru, Nigel Fowler, is close behind- running at 5.6/100km.

Others who have taken the Insight Challenge include wine critic and blogger Jason Bryant, social media expert Simon Young.

The Weekend Insight Challenge will continue for another 6 weeks, with a host of interesting characters battling it out to be Honda’s most fuel efficient driver.

Honda is also opening up the challenge to every New Zealander. If you think you have the driving skills that you need to win, or know someone who deserves a new Insight for the weekend, go to www.facebook.com/HondaNZ to state your case.