Car Company Drives Environmental Change

Still the envy of many nations, New Zealand‘s pure, green environmental reputation is at risk of becoming slightly ‘brown’ tinged.

While we continue to boast our ‘100% Pure’ image overseas, we still have a few ‘eco’ skeletons in the closet that need to be addressed. We have the fifth highest CO2 emissions per capita in the OECD and our biodiversity is disappearing at a rapid rate. Add to this, the fact that our car fleet is one of the oldest and dirtiest in the world, with the average age of vehicles on the road 13 years 9 months, and it’s not quite a perfectly ‘pure’ picture. But, these are issues that can and are being addressed.


Car manufacturer, Honda, recognises the important role it must play in driving environmental best practice. With a steadfast commitment to the environment, Honda’s dream is a sustainable society where our children and future generations can enjoy life, pollutant-free. Honda’s latest ‘green’ report reaffirms the company’s environmental commitment both here in New Zealand and globally, revealing that the organisation is on track to meet stringent targets to reduce CO2 emissions on vehicles and products sold worldwide.

In its 2012 Honda Environmental Annual Report, which sums up Honda’s environmental initiatives for the last 12 months and sets out key priorities and targets for the coming year, Honda states it has successfully achieved a 9.5% reduction in CO2emissions from its vehicles alone this past year. Meaning, it is well on track to achieve the ambitious target of a 30% reduction by 2020.

Its 2014 global logistics target of achieving a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions has already been exceeded with an 18.4% reduction in the last year, whilst the company has maintained a policy of zero waste to landfill at all consolidated operations.

Graeme Seymour, Managing Director of Honda New Zealand, says the report confirms Honda’s commitment to addressing climate change and protecting the environment, both globally and in New Zealand.

“We have a saying in Honda, “Blue Skies for Our Children”, which has become our guiding mantra,” says Graeme. “Our latest Environmental Annual Report shows that we’re on track to deliver “Blue Skies for Our Children”, so that our children and future generations can continue to enjoy our greenery, clean fresh air and blue skies.”

Honda acknowledges the importance of addressing environmental issues at both an international and local level. In New Zealand, Honda undertakes a range of environmental initiatives to help achieve “Blue Skies for Our Children”, including the supply of ultra low emission vehicles, extensive environmental sponsorship, including the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society, and its unique TreeFund initiative to help minimize biodiversity loss. Through TreeFund, Honda New Zealand is responsible for the accumulated funding of 488,919 native trees nationwide since 2004.