Smart Repair

Restore your car to showroom condition by using our specialised repair, polish and bodypaint services.

Wheel Repairs

Over time, alloy wheels will get some scratches and dings, even with the most careful driving.

Alloys in less than pristine condition can date a car very quickly, and they are the one distinguishing feature that’s always noticed.

The good news is you don’t need to buy new alloys. At Honda our Wheel Repair service will meticulously refurbish your alloy wheels so they look almost as good as the day you bought them.

Priced from only $95 per wheel.


Smart Repair Bodypaint

Now you don’t have to be annoyed every time you see the chips, scrapes or scratches on your car.

Our Smart Repair Bodypaint service can increase your car’s value, by professionally repairing all those wear and tear marks, restoring your car to beautiful condition.

We can complete it with no extra inconvenience to you. We'll organise and complete this on the same day as your service, and costs are often lower than insurance excess.

Priced from $150


Servcie DM Cover


Collision Repair

We know that accidents happen. And when they do, we are here to help. Our team of specialists are on hand with all the latest equipment and parts to ensure that your car is properly repaired in an efficient and professional manner.

Our services include:

  • Free, no obligation written quotes
  • Insurance repairs
  • Full 3-year guarantee on the work completed

Download the Honda Smart Repair Brochure