Earth Dreams CVT

The Earth Dreams CVT's are Honda’s latest evolution of the continuously variable automatic transmission. It offers smooth gear ratio transitions and excellent acceleration, matched with efficient low-rpm cruising. It provides a more enjoyable drive by making the CVT feel more natural and engaging with the new G-Design Shift.  Weight, friction and pressure have been reduced and a new torque convertor has been adopted. Fuel efficiency has improved by around 10% over the earlier 5 Speed Automatic (5AT).


Paddle Shift

The Earth Dreams CVT transmission features a wide spread of ratios to maximise off-the-line acceleration, providing relaxed and fuel-efficient cruising. When using Paddle Shifters it converts to a 7 Speed shift-able gearbox.

Its operation is now simpler and more logical to fully exploit its capabilities. On the gearshifter is a simple 'P R N D S' gate.

Slot the gear lever into Drive and your Honda will provide conventional automatic changing; if you momentarily want a more urgent response then you can simply change down a gear using the steering wheel paddles, and once the car is identified as returning to cruising mode, the system reverts back to automatic operation.

Alternatively you can move the shift lever to S mode for sportier change points and added engine braking effect. Using the steering wheel paddles in S mode provides a sequential shift mode, allowing manual shifting and gear hold. To heighten control and driver involvement, the shift logic in manual mode delivers quicker, firmer shifts than in fully automatic mode.


G-design Shift

G-Design Shift

G-Design Shift has been engineered to give the CVT transmission a more natural and sporty feel. It provides a coordinated control system for a shift transmission, throttle gearing and hydraulic control, giving a continuous rise in G (acceleration). This results in acceleration that responds to driver demands more quickly than conventional automatics and other CVT technologies.

All of this adds up to a great drive and improved fuel efficiency.


Auto Idle Stop*¹

The all-new Odyssey & HR-V AWD achieve outstanding fuel efficiency, thanks in part to the Auto Idle Stop System. The system turns the engine off automatically when the vehicle is stopped or decelerating to save fuel. Once the foot brake is released the engine seamlessly jumps back into life.

Typically when the engine stops, so does the air conditioning. Whether the air conditioning is cooling or heating the fan may remain turning, but the air is no longer being climatically controlled. To ensure all passengers remain comfortable there is a new cool storage system that operates when the engine is switched off. This system allows the idle stop to activate more often while the car is decelerating, resulting in improved fuel economy whilst retaining passenger comfort.

*Video shows Jazz EarthDreams CVT

*¹ Auto Idle stop is applicable to the HR-V AWD models & Odyssey Earth Dreams CVT only.