Jazz Earth Dreams MT

Earth Dreams 6 Speed Manual

The new Jazz employs an all-new 6 Speed manual gearbox (6MT). The addition of a 6th gear gives both greater economy and a more sporty drive. The driving experience has been improved through vibration and noise reductions and enhanced shifter feel. Technical changes to the gears and shifting mechanism have resulted in optimum gear engagement and Type R like shifter movement. The Earth Dreams 6MT is smoother, slicker and sportier providing a fun and functional drive.

Technical Details

The new manual Jazz RS has improved performance as a result of the new Earth Dreams 1.5 engine and the new 6 Speed gearbox. The new model’s 6th gear has allowed the 3rd, 4th and 5th ratios to be shortened to improve acceleration in mid to high speed driving. The addition of a taller 6th gear allows the vehicle to retain excellent fuel economy and a lower cruising RPM. This ratio change has provided a win-win situation.

Driver enjoyment of the shifter operation is improved by shift and select stroke enhancements. The shifter throw has been revised by reducing the operation stroke of the gear lever by over 10%. As a result the RS now has a shorter shifter movement than that of a 2009 Civic Type R.

Shifter rigidity and feel have also been improved with a reduction in the amount of grease applied to the inner cable. Rigidity has been increased with a new rubber mount manufacturing process that yields a firmer bush, and a new shifter bracket which gives a sportier more fluid movement.