The CRV - Emissions

Earth Dreams Technology is an expression for a set of technologies which take into account our need to protect the environment and our desire to provide a joy of driving.

Honda has set a target of 30% reduction in CO2 emissions for all products sold worldwide by 2020.

Low Emission Vehicles (LEV)
All New Zealand new Hondas are fitted with an LEV engine. The emission reduction is achieved by attention to the following areas:

  • The way air and fuel are fed into the engine, especially when cold.
  • Redesign of the fuel injection system to deliver more precisely the amount of fuel at any given time
  • Changes to the exhaust design allowing a quicker warm up of the catalytic converter and stability of operating temperature
  • Changes to the material composition and surface area of the catalytic converter allowing for increased cleaning of the exhaust gasses.

Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles (ULEV)
Honda currently has four ULEV vehicles on sale in New Zealand - the Honda Jazz Hybrid, the Honda Insight, the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Honda CRZ.

The Jazz Hybrid produces only 106 g/km of CO2 emissions, making Jazz Hybrid one of the lowest emission cars in the world.

ECON Fuel Saver System
The ECON button modifies various vehicle systems to improve your Honda's overall energy use, improving your fuel efficiency.Better fuel economy is achieved in a number of ways, depending on the vehicle's transmission and drivetrain. The ECON button modifies the following vehicle systems:

  • Control of the engine
  • Efficient gear changes for CVT Auto and Automatic transmissions
  • IMA assist and regenerative braking for IMA vehicles
  • Air conditioning
  • Cruise control

Integrated Motor Assist (IMA)

The IMA hybrid engine ensures that maximum power is achieved with a minimum of environmental impact.

IMA vehicles do not need to be plugged in. The electric motor is mounted between the internal combustion engine and transmission to act as a starter motor, battery charger and assist the internal combustion engine with extra power and torque.

IMA uses regenerative braking to capture some of the energy lost through deceleration and reuses that energy later to help accelerate the vehicle. This both increases acceleration and reduces the work of the petrol engine.This allows the engine to be scaled down - producing a smaller, but more fuel-efficient engine that still retains power.