Earth Dreams 2.4L Engine


2.4L Earth Dreams DOHC i-VTEC

The new 2.4L Earth Dreams Engine features a host of refinements to reduce weight and minimise friction, improving acceleration and fuel efficiency. Increased torque across the range improves drivability, and a slight reduction in peak power helps to balance fuel efficiency with performance.


Key Specifications

Cylinder Head and Valvetrain

• Double Over Head Camshaft (DOHC) configuration
• Compact Combustion Chamber
• Offset Cylinder 
• High Tumble Intake charge
• i-VTEC (Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) with Variable Timing Control (VTC)


Key Features

• Reduced Weight

Weight savings have been achieved throughout the new Earth Dreams Engine. From the top down, a resin rocker cover protects the new pressure cast aluminium head. To deliver a more efficient and lighter exhaust system, the exhaust and intake ports have been reversed. The fuel injector mounts are now integrated into the head to reduce weight and improve airflow. Lightweight pistons with a revised skirt design aid a reduction in rotational mass, as does the crankshaft with a reduction in the number of counterweights.

A high output, compact alternator and revised shorter auxiliary belt with fewer pulleys have further reduced the weight. The pulleys that have been retained are now also resin. More engine weight savings are found by removing the oil filter mounting bracket and by integrating the exhaust manifold into the head.

• Compact Combustion Chamber

The new Earth Dreams engine sees a 40% reduction in Hydrocarbon Emissions over the previous engine.
A narrower valve angle decreases the surface-to-volume ratio and helps create a flatter, more compact combustion chamber reducing unburned hydrocarbon emissions.

• Reduced Internal Friction 

The cylinder bores are offset by 8mm from the crankshaft. This gives the connecting rods a more favourable angle during each power stroke, reducing side loading on the pistons and in turn, improves efficiency. The addition of oil jets directed towards the underside of the pistons reduces friction, and improves cooling. A silent chain drives the camshafts and features a new double-arm tensioner design that reduces operating friction. The chain drive is low maintenance throughout the life of the engine.