Evolution of Engine Technology

Honda's drive to explore technological challenges and be the world leader in development has led to higher performance, fuel efficient engines that have lower emissions.

An excellent example of this is the iVTEC engine.

This advanced technology provides high performance and low fuel consumption on a single engine.

The i-VTEC engine works by controlling the timing and lifting of the camshafts, depending on engine speeds. The valves open smaller during low engine speeds to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. The valves will open larger at higher engine speeds to achieve higher performance. Read in depth about iVTEC here.

Honda is currently moving into Earth Dreams Technology- a series of technological advancements that will enable Honda to decrease emissions by 30% by the year 2020.

"Earth Dreams Technology" is an expression for a set of technologies which takes into account both our need to protect the environment and our desire to provide a joy of driving.


Key features of Earth Dreams Technology include:

1. A gasoline engine that achieves leading driving performance and efficiency

2. A compact diesel engine which realises the worlds lightest body, leading acceleration performance and fuel efficiency.

3. CVT which combines the joy of driving and fuel efficiency at the highest possible level. 

4. A two-hybrid motor system that achieves leading driving performance and efficiency

5. A high efficiency, high output electric SH-AWD hybrid system which combines superior driving and environmental performance.

6. A compact, high efficiency electric powertrain for EVs.