Scramble Assist

Scramble Assist is a control strategy which monitors the acceleration demand of the driver through accelerator pedal movement. 

When the accelerator pedal is depressed, Scramble Assist assesses driver demand and if beneficial, optimises the dual engine deployment, increasing the amount of motor-assist that is applied by the IMA Boost system. In conjunction, for the CVT, the gear ratio may also be adjusted to deliver requested acceleration.  Overall drivetrain performance is instantly modified to deliver the requested quick response.

Scramble Assist may engage during drive-away, econ mode, and 70-80% throttle. In Econ Mode, Scramble Assist overrides the economy setting.

Sport mode already selects a highly responsive tuning, and when Scramble Assist engages there is a further improvement in Boost.

For more information on the three IMA Boost modes Sport, Normal and Economy please see the IMA Boost page.