Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

…a microprocessor continually analyses and “learns” the driver’s normal braking habits


Honda’s Emergency Brake Assist helps the driver apply full braking pressure in an accident avoidance situation. To do so, a microprocessor analyses and “learns” the driver’s normal braking habits - monitoring both the rate of pressure applied and the total pressure that the driver normally applies to the brake system.


If sudden braking occurs, Emergency Brake Assist activates the VSA pump and brings the brake system pressure high enough to cause the vehicle to make a full stop in the shortest distance possible. The braking assist is only activated when the microprocessor detects that certain brake pedal speed or pressure thresholds are reached.


Emergency Brake Assist assists the driver in obtaining full braking performance in an emergency. The Emergency Brake Assist system deactivates when the driver releases pressure on the brake pedal.