Discover Civic Hatch

Experience a full-scale Civic using your mobile device!

Discover The All New Civic in your own reality. Simply scan the QR Code below or click the 'Launch AR' button below to begin your AR (Augmented Reality) experience to simulate the Civic in full size outdoors or in your home parking lot. 

AR functionality is available on compatible operating systems and devices only.

How it works

How it works

Step 1:
- On Desktop: Scan QR Code
- On Mobile: Click the 'Launch AR' button below.
Step 2: Allow prompts requesting access to camera.
Step 3: Display in AR mode will engage. Once spatial recognition is complete, you can place a full-scale civic on the screen. 

It may take some time to recognize the space depending on the environment such as the brightness and size of the surroundings when the camera is started, follow the instructions on the screen.

AR functionality is available on compatible Apple and Android devices with compatible operating systems, check with your device manufacturer.

- The display by the AR function is just a simulation. 

- The simulation results do not guarantee the actual size and colour of the car. 

- The interior is simple and may differ from the actual interior 

- Please check the actual vehicle when purchasing.

- When using AR function, pay close attention to the surrounding area and use in a safe and wide area. 

- Although the usage fee for AR simulation is free, the customer is responsible for the data fees for downloading and using.

- The AR function may not be available depending on the surrounding environment (surrounding brightness, flat surface detection etc.)

- This content is not guaranteed to work with apps and browsers other than safari.

- Using a wifi environment is recommended. 

- After displaying the Civic in AR mode, the size may look different even if the same magnification is displayed when moving from the spot or changing the direction of the camera significantly.

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