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To book your car in for a service with Honda, start by selecting your preferred Honda Store. Then simply tell us what you want done to your car and your preferred timing. Send the booking request to Honda, and we'll confirm the booking by phone or email.

Please be aware that any services booked outside of office hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm) cannot be confirmed until the next working day.

Having your car serviced by Honda may cost less than you expect. Our service technicians are fully trained and have access to the latest diagnostic and repair equipment. Our use of genuine Honda parts also means that your car will be fitted with replacement parts designed specifically for your vehicle. 

Don’t forget we can carry out vehicle registration renewals and warrant of fitness checks, and are able to service most other makes of vehicle.

See below to check out our range of service packages!

Privacy: When you enter your personal information into this booking portal, Honda New Zealand Limited (“Honda”) will collect that information and:

     - use it for the purpose of facilitating your booking and providing the requested services to you; and

     - disclose it to its service providers, including the provider of the booking platform and software,

and otherwise process and hold it in accordance with its privacy policy (  If you do not provide any requested personal information, Honda may not be able to facilitate your booking or provide you with services.  See Honda’s privacy policy for details about your rights to access and correct your personal information.

UltraCare Service Package

UltraCare Service Package

Our premium service package designed for new Hondas and Certified Used vehicles which are in warranty, offers an extensive 60-point service, safety and operational check. 

We'll check your vehicle's performance, update software if required, replace engine oil, filter, fluids and pay special attention to your brakes. By removing brake calipers and relubricating all moving components, we ensure optimum braking performance, fuel efficiency and reduce brake pad wear. 

And receive a wash, vacuum and tyre blacking.

TotalCare Service Package

TotalCare Service Package

Designed for new Hondas and Certified Used vehicles which are still in warranty, the TotalCare is our comprehensive service package. Offering a detailed 55-point service, safety and operational check.

We'll replace the engine oil, filter and fluids with Honda genuine parts and fluids. The remaining operational checks are both visual and computer diagnostic if needed, to ensure that all components are in perfect working condition. We'll also check your vehicle's performance and run software checks if required. 

Your car, will be returned, washed, with tyres blacked and ready to go.

StartCare Service Package

StartCare Service Package

StartCare is our standard 45-point service, safety and operational check package designed for older Honda vehicles no longer under warranty.

We’ll check your vehicle’s operation and systems. We’ll replace the engine oil, oil filter and other fluids, using only Honda genuine products, specifically designed and tested for your car.

We’ll let you know if any additional work outside the service package is required before we do anything.

We’ll return your car checked and ready to go.