Paddle Shift

Paddle Shift and your automatic transmission

The 5-speed automatic transmission and 7-speed CVT automatic transmission feature a wide spread of ratios to maximise off-the-line acceleration and provide relaxed and fuel-efficient cruising.

Its operation is now simpler and more logical to fully exploit its capabilities. So instead of two interlinked gates - one for conventional operation in auto and a parallel gate for sequential shifting - the new design is a simple 'P R N D S' gate.

Slot the gear lever into Drive and your Honda will provide conventional automatic changing; if you momentarily want a more urgent response then you can simply change down a gear using the steering wheel paddles, and once the car is identified as returning to cruising mode, the system reverts back to automatic operation.

...if you momentarily want a more urgent response then you can simply change down a gear using the steering wheel paddles

Alternatively you can move the shift lever to S mode for sportier change points and added engine braking effect. Using the steering wheel paddles in S mode provides a sequential shift mode, allowing manual shifting and gear hold. To heighten control and driver involvement, the shift logic in manual mode delivers quicker, firmer shifts than in fully automatic mode.

To help protect the engine and drivetrain from damage, an array of preventative features are active when the transmission is in manual mode. In second, third and fourth, the logic changes, and the transmission ECU cuts off fuel flow to the engine if there is a possibility of over-revving.

In the rare situation where the fuel cut-off alone is unable to prevent engine over-revving (as could happen on a steep downhill) the transmission will change up to prevent engine damage. And finally, when changing down, the transmission won't execute a driver-commanded downshift that would send the engine beyond the red line in the lower gear.

The system will also automatically select first gear as your Honda comes to a stop, to prevent pulling away in a high gear.

A further enhancement of the latest automatic gearbox is a kick-down 'click' system

A further enhancement of the automatic gearbox in your Honda is a kick-down 'click' system. Instead of a vague stab of the pedal to initiate the kick-down mechanism, the driver senses a ''click'' at the point at which the gear change will operate. Once a 'click' is sensed, a further slight movement of the foot will initiate the down change.

A graphic display of the shift lever position is provided on the gauge display for added convenience.

The use of low friction clutches for all gears and the super-thin, highly efficient torque converter in the 5-speed automatic transmission contributes to excellent fuel economy.