Electric Parking Brake

HR V 2014 Brake Hold RGB

"Drivers Seatbelt on? Check. No need to disengage the parking brake, simply press on the accelerator to take off"

A first for a production Honda vehicle, the HR-V’s new, standard Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is simpler, more convenient and comfortable to use than a traditional parking brake. 

Engaging the parking brake now requires only a pull on a switch on the centre console.

To release the parking brake, the driver simply presses on the accelerator pedal, while the seat belt is buckled, and the transmission is in drive or reverse.

Or the driver can push the park brake switch again to turn off the electric parking brake.

The Electric Parking Brake makes hill starts easier when the HR-V is parked on a slope. As with a traditional manually activated parking brake, Electric Parking Brake functions on the rear wheels only.