Existing Honda customers

As an existing Honda customer, your experience is of the utmost importance to us. We know you might have a number of questions about your loan or lease so we have compiled the following list of information covering the most common questions that we get asked. If you need help, please call HondaCare on 0800 246 632.  

Returning your Leased Honda

Everything that was delivered with the vehicle must be returned. This includes but is not limited to:

  •  All sets of keys, including the main key and the spare key
  • Cargo/boot trays
  • Owner’s manual/handbook and service booklet
  • All accessories (Sunshades, tow bar, roof racks etc.)
  • All emergency equipment (Jack, spare/space saver tyre, tools)
  • All original wheel caps

 If your vehicle requires insurance repairs, please ensure that these are completed before returning the vehicle, as Honda cannot be responsible for organising the repair and all damages beyond fair wear and tear will need to be on-charged.

We recommend having the car inspected and readied for return a month in advance to give you plenty of time to organise this. If this is something you wish to arrange, contact your closest Honda Store and they will arrange this appointment for you.

Remember to remove all personal items from the vehicle.

You may return the vehicle to any Honda Store. The vehicle will then be inspected by a qualified third-party inspector.

What to expect when you return your vehicle

Once you arrive, a sales Ambassador or Honda employee will fill in an electronic form recording the vehicle’s return. This will ask them to supply the vehicle’s details, how many keys have been returned, and the odometer reading. Once this is completed the lease is considered to have been returned.

Depending on the kilometer allowance and odometer of your car, you may receive a rebate from us. This will be deposited into the bank account you have nominated for your direct debits. If this has changed, please supply your new bank details when arranging your return of the vehicle.

How to Read your End of Term lease inspection report

Your End of Term Lease Inspection Report will be sent to you via email along with your final paperwork. This report will contain the vehicle details, items that are classified as fair wear and tear, and items that are outside of normal fair wear and tear which on the report is referred to as chargeable damage. In this report, there will also be photos of the chargeable items that you will be invoiced for.

If you have any questions or concerns about your appraisal you can email us at hfs@honda.co.nz.

I Need to Set Up or Change my Direct Debit

Simply select and complete the direct debit form that applies to your finance. Once that is completed please email a copy to either MTF (info@mtf.co.nz) or UDC (udccsteam@udc.co.nz) using your registration number as a subject in the email.

Providing Feedback

As a customer, your feedback supports us in continuing to improve our services. Our team at Honda Financial Services gratefully appreciate any feedback you choose to share. If you have any suggestions on areas that we might be able to improve or better serve you as a customer, please send them to HFS@honda.co.nz, using the subject ‘Feedback’.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to apply for finance?

Depending on how you choose to apply, online, in person or over the phone, and if you are borrowing as a private person (consumer) or a business. The requirements will vary. Below is a list of must have items to apply:

1. Your current New Zealand driver's license.

2. A bill or statement with your name and address on it (to use as proof of your address).

3. If applying as a private person or consumer you will need 90 days of bank statements that show your income and expenses (this is due to the recent law change made by the New Zealand government requiring all consumer credit to supply this kind of information in advance of approving a new finance contract. Even if you are a current or returning customer).

4. If you are applying as a business you will need your last company financials prepared by a registered accountant. If your business is less than a year old be prepared to provide us with alternative information regarding the business owners or shareholders income and expenses

What interest rates do you charge?

Our interest rates vary according to many factors such as, your credit score, the finance company we are able to secure a loan or lease with for you, your level of deposit, the duration you would like to borrow for, or if the Honda store you visit is owned and operated by Honda New Zealand or an independently owned and operated agent. A full list of Honda stores is available here.

What fees would I end up paying?

The fees you will be charged do vary according to the finance product you choose and the Honda store you purchase from. Our website contains a comprehensive list of fees here.

Who can I contact to make changes to my loan/lease?

If you wish to make changes to your lease or loan you are welcome to contact the Honda Store that provided you with the contract at its inception. If for any reason though you prefer to contact us directly. You can direct your interest to 0800 2 HONDA or HFS@honda.co.nz.