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Our Loan product is a process many customers will be familiar with if they have previously used finance. Our simple and easy to follow process means we can have your loan sorted quickly – in many cases even on the same day. With our competitive finance rates, we offer excellent solutions for you as our client. Find out more below about the benefits of choosing the Loan Product from Honda Financial Services.

THE TOP four Honda Loan FEATURES

THE TOP four Honda Loan FEATURES

  1. Unlimited KMs: With all our loan products there is no limit on the KMs you do in the vehicle, meaning you can travel as far or as long as you want!
  2. Variable Payment Options: You can adjust payments during your contract to match your income. For example, if you have a large term deposit or dividend due in a particular month of the year, each year you can make your payment in that month higher than the regular repayments. This enables you to reduce the regular repayments using those higher months. You can also have periods where your payments are lower than normal, or no payments are due at all. You will need to agree these in advance of taking your contract out and have clear evidence of how these payments are going to be made.
  3. You Keep the Equity: At the end of the term the vehicle is yours freehold. This means if the value of your car is higher than the balance of your finance contract, then this equity is yours to keep.
  4. Deposit / Trade-in Equity: When purchasing the vehicle you can put down a deposit as low as 0% and all the way up to 90%. This means you can decide to do a combination of a vehicle trade-in, a deposit, a mixture of both or none of these options when purchasing. Offering you complete flexibility to set your finance contract amount and create the perfect monthly repayments for your situation.
How it works

How it works

First, select your contract length (between 12 - 60 months), from there we split the overall value of the finance contract into equal repayments spread over the contract period. You can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on what best suits you.

Once you have completed your final repayment, the vehicle is yours. It couldn’t be simpler!

There is also the ability to adjust your payments based upon a variable payment structure. This means you can reduce your payments in some months and/or increase them in others.

The Process

The Process

Step 1: Choose A Car
Pick the best model and specification for you and select accessories to suit your lifestyle.

Step 2: Choose Term and Deposit
Set your deposit, payment frequencies and choose a term between 12 and 60 months for your repayments.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Car
Enjoy your new vehicle for the duration of the repayment term.

Step 4: Term Ends
Make your final payment and conclude your contract. If you like you may now trade the car in for a newer model with the full equity of the vehicle as your deposit or continue enjoying your car.



How does this compare to our other great finance products?

We’ve created the following simple graph to show you how this payment option compares to our other finance and lease options on a monthly basis*.

*Information used to create this graph is based upon a new Honda CR-V AWD Sport Premium over a 36 month term with zero deposit. The Flexi Loan option includes a final payment of $5,000. For both Lease options the total kms are set to 45,000.

Other Finance Options

Current finance offers

Current finance offers

Click below to find out the range of outstanding finance and lease offers that are currently available. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! We have created an excellent tool for calculating your repayments for a lease or a loan. Once you have found the right one for you. Create an account and then follow the instructions provided to apply online.


Honda is partnered with UDC finance and Motor Trade Finance (MTF). UDC and MTF are then the companies that collect payments from you as a customer. For our lease contracts, Honda continues to manage your servicing and end of lease experience in its entirety. For more information on this please contact the Honda store closest to you.


Yes! Whether you'd like to make a deposit, have a trade in vehicle or select our Zero deposit option, the choice is yours.


Honda is able to assist you with this when you finance a car with them. We will take care of paying the finance company on your trade in and then setting up your new contract. Having finance owing on your trade in does not prevent you from using it as a part of your purchase journey.


Customers can pay off their finance at any time – this will incur a break cost & fee that is calculated on the day of settlement. Your business manager can supply this information if/when required.


Yes, Although the method that is used to calculate how this saves you money is not the same as things like a credit card. The additional money that is placed into the contract reduces the last repayment that is due on the contract. When the additional repayments are enough to meet more than 1 or more of the payments due on the contract the duration that the contract will run reduces. This then means that any interest that would have been payable in on that payment is no longer charged.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

To find out more about our finance rates, fees and charges, along with our application and direct debit forms please click the link below. Alternatively, contact us directly and one of our trained representatives will be able to assist.

Disclaimer: All information represented on this page is not an offer of finance and is being written as a guide only. We recommend that you seek independent financial/legal advice for your specific circumstances.