Type R

The Civic Type R is the ultimate sports car. A car only Honda could make.

It reflects our unique thinking, our drive for constant reinvention, re-evaluation and relentless pursuit of better. Our desire to create the perfect sports machine for the road and the track is imprinted into its DNA and drawn into every curve of its body.

It’s a car that has been built for the sheer thrill of driving, a car built with soul, a car that speaks to you the way few others can. The 6th generation Civic Type R is the quickest, most agile Civic ever built.

The Civic Type R is currently sold out, explore the range of Honda Certified Used Civics below.

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Compare Civic Type R

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International imagery may be used in places, reflecting international specifications. New Zealand models are not equipped with parking sensors. The MUGEN special edition is made in New Zealand and is based on the Hatch Sport variant.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the new Type R hold any racing circuit records?

Back in 2016, Honda attempted to set new record lap times with the previous generation Civic Type R – and they succeeded. So in 2018, the new Civic Type R attempted to emulate this feat at five European tracks.

However the gauntlet had been already laid down in 2017 when the Type R was put through its paces at the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife track, where it clocked a new record lap time for a front wheel drive production car at only 7min 43.8 sec (incidentally bettering the previous record by 6.7seconds).

In 2018, it completed all 5 European Circuit Tracks – and broke the record in all of them.

In 2020, the Civic Type R Limited Edition set an all-time lap time record for front-wheel drive models at the Suzuka circuit during test driving conducted for the final evaluation of the model’s performance, lapping the circuit in 2 minutes 23.993 seconds.  

Where is the new Honda Civic Hatch made?

The 11th Generation Civic Hatch model is manufactured in Honda's Yorii plant in Japan. Learn more about Yorii plant here.

Which Honda Civic has leather interior?

The Civic Hatch Sport features a combination of leather and Ultrasuede seats whereas the Civic Type R is in a red and black suede.

Which Honda Civic is Turbocharged?

The new 1.5L turbo engine is available on the Civic Hatch Sport. The Civic Type R is of course another beast altogether with its 2.0L VTEC turbo.

Which Honda Civic has VTEC?

Civic Hatch range and the Civic Type R all boast VTEC engines.

Is the Civic Type R Limited Edition coming to New Zealand?

Due to limited global allocation Honda New Zealand is not able to order or sell the Limited Edition model.

Is the new Boost Blue colour available?

Yes the 2021 Civic Type R is available in New Zealand in Boost Blue Pearl

What is the LogR app?

Exclusive to the new Type R, LogR is the new data logger that combines the Type R’s onboard computer and sensors with a smartphone app to help drivers monitor and record a variety of performance parameters when driving on the track or other closed courses. It’s also designed to help improve their driving skills through the use of a driving-smoothness algorithm developed with the help of professional Honda drivers.

With exclusive access to the Type R’s onboard computer, Honda LogR can deliver much more detail than
third-party performance logging apps.

The LogR app is designed to work exclusively with the new Type R, for both iPhone® and Android™ users.

Honda LogR features three main functions: a Performance Monitor, a Log Mode, and Auto Score Mode.

  • The Performance Monitor provides vehicle information to the driver on the Display Audio screen
    while the app is functioning.
  • Log Mode records lap times on the track, allowing drivers to improve their driving skills.
  • The Auto Score function encourages smooth driving by monitoring braking, acceleration and
    steering, and generating a score based on the smoothness algorithm.